Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shopping with Mom

Over the last weekend, I spent it shopping. Shopping to the max. LOL

Saturday, after getting the report cards of the yugglies, I brought my Aunt & cousin to S & R so they could shop some supplies for their yugglies.

I was here 2 days before, and i think i maxed out my grocery list for the month, so i just browsed around. But eventually found something to purchase, ketchup just ran out that morning so it that was a go, then i found some bacon ham, chicken ham & some piattos (potato chips). Hayyy. I was hoping that it could sum up for less than P1k. Not Gonna Happen. Grocery bill was P1,015. My Mom would totally kill me if the credit card bill arrives.

Oh..funny thing..while browsing around, I heard my stomach grumble, hungry!!! I couldn't find my shopping mates because i went to the Ladies room. I was gonna tell them to eat first before shopping, but noooo, they already have their carts and was shopping away.

Soon after I saw them and I burst out that I was famished, they echoed my sentiments, they told me to shop fast so that we could eat. Hello!!! All I'm getting is ketchup!!!

So you know how those membership shopping centers ALWAYS have those free taste booths? Hahaha. Now you know what happened. They were all over it. I found them eating at the meat section. But still that didn't stop the hunger fangs, I couldn't wait for them anymore, so i brought some cheese bread, paid for it, and waited for them while i ate my cheese pandesal.

When we went home, my Aunt's helper told us that my mom & my cousins left for the mall. I was like, what?!?!?! I wanna go too!! But since they left already, i had no choice but sulk in the house. Or crochet. hahaha Lola!!

But as I entered the house i found out that they were still here!! They haven't left yet!! I hate that maid! Just kidding. She received an earful from me.

Anyways, since my adrenaline is now on low and my mind & body is starting to settle down. So I'm undecided whether I'm coming or not. My mom asked me if I'm coming, I said no because I was tired na. But then, this is shopping with my MOM. Even if it's not LV or Chanel. It is still shopping and she would pay.!! HAHA! So as they were leaving, I screamed...wait for me!!!!

We went to SMNE, Trinoma was out because somebody called my mom and she didn't want to cross paths with them, so SM it is. She bought a lot of pants & shorts. My mom shops once a year. Very rarely you could just make aya to do some shopping. She hates fitting rooms & finding styles of shirts. She doesn't want what's "in" or "trendy, she just goes for what's comfortable. Since I was also helping my cousin chose her wardrobe, i wasn't able to choose some tops for me, i got one but have to wait for a long line in the fitting rooms. aggghhh.

After that, we were all tired & hungry, time for some coffee!! We went to the Sky Garden and had some drinks at Starbucks. I bought some doughnuts from Celio or Cello, I forgot.

As I was ordering our drinks, it's the same barista as before, the one who couldn't take my order properly, as usual, it happened again, and the line got longer & longer, it didn't help that the guy in front of me is so maarte with his coffee. Aggghhh...

I saw some of their holiday cups & commuter mugs, oh so pretty, i like!!! I bought the green one for my mom, i got the red a week before. Also the mug with candy cane handles for my room, and the the venti plastic cup for my car. It is soooo cute. Eyeloveeettt!!!

Then time to go home because baby cousin couldn't keep her eyes open...

Tired but happy...



Sunday, November 15, 2009

PacMan Wins!!!!

Hidden Shoulders VS. Kuto?!?!?!

Hidden Shoulder winnnnnsssss!!!!!

As Always, The whole world stops, ok maybe just Philippines, because Manny Pacquiao is in a ring boxing for his seventh title.

A Perfect Day for bonding with your family or friends.

Today is Sunday. Have you been to Church already?!



Wednesday, November 11, 2009


flip video, originally uploaded by HunnieBunch.

One of the coolest gadgets ever!! I bought one and i have been using it religiously. HAHA...

It is a very cool gift to give & even greater to receive this awesome "video" cam. Hwehwehwe...

Definitely useful when recording our family events, and some random recording for information purposes too.

It is small and very handy. You have to download the software so you can properly store your video. Oh also alongside this, you better have an external hard drive because this can surely take up space in your computer's memory.

Gotta go erase some files so I can start shooting some random stuff tomorrow..




Plastiiiiiic!, originally uploaded by HunnieBunch.

On my way home from the Grocery, I saw this truck getting off from an Industrial Scale (is that what you call it??) and saw it up close that it is a truckload of plastics!!!

All kinds of plastics, from water bottles, condiment bottles, gallons, liters, plastic from appliances, trays and many other more.

It got me thinking, if Plastics cannot be recycled, how many more years before we fill up the planet with this kind of garbage??

Then I remembered what I bought from the Grocery earlier;

1.) plastic tray for the eggs
2.) plastic from soda bottles
3.) plastic from hotdogs (one each!)
4.) plastic where they put the fruits & baby back ribs
5.) plastic/tinfoil from snacks, soups, sachets, noodles, shampoo

After paying they put it inside a plastic bag again!!

OMG, what do I do?

I do groceries for a month's supply, so I really fill up a cart, around 20 bags or more, so does that mean i have to bring those environment friendly bags?? I think i collected a lot last year, but after numerous trips & uses, our cook must have lost it, or maybe it was given away. I looked for it the other day, i found two bags!! Yikes!

I have 2 of those cute Mark & Spencer totes before, now I can't find them!! I bought one again last Sunday when my Mom bought her pants.

Our cook has figured out how to save the earth & earn money too! She collects anything plastic that we have used & metal/tin cans, puts it in a sack, then at the end of the week sells it. Ka-ching*ka-ching!!*

Today, I went to Trinoma and bought my books, I was planning on bringing my M&S tote, so i could save on plastics, but darnittttt! I completely forgot about it. Agggghhh!!! I have to really put it in my bag for next time.

Save the Earth!!!

Recycle! Reduce! Reuse!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Moleskin in colors

Why are Moleskine so expensive?! I feel so guilty when i doodle & scroodle & just write useless, meaningless stuff in it.

I bought the small daily planner in red late last month, I hope to use it everyday. The problem is, what will I write? As if naman I'm an executive with meetings every hour of the day?!?!

Anyways, I saw a cute planner, one color for every month of the year, I wanted to get that but I cannot justify buying it for the life of me.

I have so many other notebooks & notepads in my room. Some of it are blanks and some are filled with my ugly writings.

Useless rantings, my thoughts, my will, my dreams, my current feelings, my short stories, my angst when i felt bad, it's like a scattered journal.

I have to find time to compile it all.


OC to the max...

Royce Chocolate!

Royce Chocolate!, originally uploaded by HunnieBunch.


Royce is now open at Trinoma!!! woohooo!! People of the North are getting some treats!! well deserved may I say...

Now all I need is Pepper Lunch & Elbert's Cheesesteak...and I'm good to go!!

Go! Go! Go!!

Sorry for the ugly photo, i just passed by and I'm in a rush! I'm late for my movie!! 500 days of Summer!!

Later peeps!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Flowers, Plants & Herbs

Chives & Variegated Oregano, originally uploaded by HunnieBunch.

Plant Nurseries are a dime a dozen here in Manila, if you could find one, it's like a pot of Gold. Ok, that was exaggerated...hehehe

Buying Plants used to be like Field Trips to Bulacan, where everyone else wants to come. Sure going there is easy & very accesible to us, because we live near NLEX. But now with toll fees & gas prices rising so fast. It is a treat to go there.

So I looked for an alternative place to go to and I found it! It's the Manila Seedling Bank in QC. It is found along EDSA northbound corner Quezon Avenue. I used to pass by this area everyday and wonder what in the world is going on there?!?! A seedling bank?? So one weekend, I explored it, and found it just perfect.

It is like a mini Bulacan in the heart of Metro. Tons of Bonsai, Orchids, Phalaenopsis, & other supplies you need for your garden. Last Year, I was in an "Orchids" Phase, I blew my money on Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums, Cattleyas & Waling. Some of them have died, others have just stopped blooming. I guess I don't have a green thumb??

I wasn't going to give up, so I came back, and just bought the Orchids mainly as home decor. To Cheer up the room. I always find magazine spreads with orchids in it. My next phase is the potted plants. I bought lots & lots of plants. I figured since flowers don't work for me, how about the greens? Wooohoo! Jackpot!

The plants have names, I actually forgot them, but the gardeners feed me on some information to help care for them. I got the variegated ones, and my favorite, Rainforest. The one with the big leaves & curly edges? i have about 5 pots. I initially bought a small to medium sized one, then i just transferred it to a bigger pot, now the leaves are so beautiful and they just keep on giving me a new leaf every 3 weeks.

If only Ashton didn't have a sore tooth and bitten some of the leaves off. I bought mine at around 300 pesos. Now I asked around how much for the same size as mine. It;s around 20 to 25,000 each. WooooW!!

One pot has babies..a new set of leaves, is emerging from the Mother Plant, I was afraid to transfer it so I just let it grow.

I told it to the Gardener where I bought the plant, she said that, that is a very rare occurence, I asked her to help me transfer the babies into another pot. She said to just bring the pot an she'll take care of it.

I also went thru a "herbs" phase, i bought rosemary, chives, & parsley. Rosemary was a hit. Everybody loved the smell especially with roast chicken..hhhmmmmm....

Two weeks ago, I cleaned up the ferns on our balcony plant box, and I decided to put baby plants, so i went to MSB to buy some garden soil, compost and a few potted plants. That's where I saw the banner that said they're selling cut flowers for Undas.

I was back there on the 30th, too early for flower shopping but, what da heck, they'll live. The flowers were in a controlled environment, meaning a huge giant freezer, I was there for half an hour, choosing & choosing until my nose is cold. I settled for some carnation, mums, paper roses & lilies.

Ohmygosh!! It's 11pm!! gotta go to sleep, we'll have Lab Tests tomorrow...



Halloween Party 2009

Getting Ready, originally uploaded by HunnieBunch.

One of my cousin, who is super OC & Our Halloween host every year, is in HongKong with her co-teachers, so my other cousins took over as "organizers". They were tasked for decorations, food & games for the yugglies.

The Party started early this year. Teacher R (my cousin) starts late almost every year because she's still cramming with tons of decor, which the kids hardly make pansin anyways. We started the program by letting the kids eat first. Invites says 4pm and you know Filipino time is in effect, so they had their merienda & dinner at around 5pm.

After that, Karla started the games, where everybody had fun & laughs. Lots of toys, prizes & candy were given away to the kiddies.

So we finished early and cleaned up. Everybody is happy, busog & enjoyed the games.

All the kids are going jome with big smiles, their treats & sugar high from too much candy.

The "Olds" started their Mahjong & Poker Night when the kids went home. Me included!

Found out later that my Aunt's neighbor reported us to the Police. He called to tell that they were gambling with high stakes. (Neighbor is a pesky old hag & inggit to our party) Hallllerrrrr!!! We've been having party always & much louder than that night and yet nobody told the police, and we do not gamble like millions of pesos!!! It was 10, 20, 30 pesos only!! If you ever win, kulang pa sa Jollibee!

Haynako. Mamatay ka sa inggit!!!

We have done nothing wrong, and Karma moves at the speed of light.

God Bless!

Pretty Laetitia & Cindy

Pretty Laetitia, originally uploaded by HunnieBunch.

Next to Cindy Crawford she's my favorite "Super" of the 90's, although she came about late nineties to early 2000. She's beautiful but different. Cindy is like the all-american-girl-next-door type, and Laetitia is sultry-exotic type.

Sure the Supermodels are making a comeback, I like them more, seeing them on magazine ads is like back in high school/college days, where i would not eat merienda so i could buy that latest magazine with the hot supermodel on cover.

Even if I didn't eat, my body still stayed the same. big butt & b***s. haaayyzzz..

This is a journey back in time post, reminiscing the times when my problems are just about school...

Oh wells...

Photo from google.com