Monday, April 27, 2009

I Hug & Kiss Technology!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!! i am a slave to technology and fashion. If only i have the moolah to buy everything. And a body to flaunt. bwahahaha

This is the new HP Mini Note or Netbook Vivienne Tam Limited Edition.

Bought this at HP Trinoma last night, so cute & pretty. I can now enjoy my Wi Fi from my bed! wahahaha! My old laptop battery has given up one me, and my laptop is now functioning as a desktop in my library.

This pretty cute & handy thing, i can bring everywhere, like a digital clutch. can't get enough of it! the red color is so yummy. like calling out to everyone, look at me, ain't i look sexy?!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


My mom is going to have her eye cataract operation today. Hope all will be alright. I trust God to watch over her today, and also under the confident hands of Dr. Te at Chinese General Hospital. Please Pray for her. I am also excited that her eyesight will be almost back to 20/20.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bite Me

Mickey, my handsome beautiful dog, my senior citizen dog, my alpha male, my dog wonder, my bernese mountain dog look alike, bit me.

After 11 years of taking care of him, he bit me. Darn it!!

Oh well, i provoked him. Well sort of.

He didn't want to take a bath. i gave him one that took forever. i guess he can't take it anymore when i started towelling him dry vigorously.

Good thing i brought him to the Vet 2 weeks before to update his Rabies Shots.

Thing is i'm kinda hurt that he bit me, but i still love him.

Vet says he's under observation for 10 days and that i don't really need to have anti rabies shots..but when my Mom found out, go do it!!!

The shots were more painful than the bite. Or maybe i got scared upon seeing the syringe?! LOL... I only wanted the tetanus shot, but the nurse insisted...

So 10 days have passed, I'm still enjoying my nightly walks with Mickey & the Gang...

Thank God!

Land Down Under

Australia, 11 years ago. how could i forget that trip?!?! it's winter season and i'm shivering in cold just remembering it.

So many memories...

I got in colds & eardrums almost exploded because we flew from Sydney to Melbourne..i wanted to scream due to the pain i felt...

We climbed the Sydney Harbour night..below the shark infested waters...

We walked from downtown to the Sydney Opera House..on a windy (hence, freezing) day..

Boxed with Joeys in a mini farm..

Gobbled steak like there's no tomorrow...Aussie beef is gooood.....

One thing i remember the most also is CHEESE. Australia is famous for it's beef & cheese.

My Mom & Aunt bought lots of them, steaks, blocks of corned beef, cheeses, packed it in our suitcases. Tsk Tsk. They didn't think of excess baggage. So we packed it in our carry ons & back pack. imagine this, my cousin & i trying to stand up straight due to the heavy backpacks in our backs. trying to avoid the airline official eyeing us. LOL

Our host, a former neighbor & family friend, gave us this small block of cheese to taste one afternoon. ohhh aahhhh was so good. it's cheese with fruits & nuts in it. but mainly apricots & walnuts. it was so good, we went to the grocery to hoard it like crazy....

After reading about it in Ms. Daphne's blog, i started craving like a lunatic, i remembered the taste of it. salivating like crazy. LOL.

So there i was, getting an S & R membership, good thing there's a branch near us. Congressional Avenue. I bought one, afraid that the taste & flavor is different from the one we ate.

Almost the same, but the one back in Aussie has more cheese in it. and more creamier & yummier.

Should i call Tita Talits and have her send some?!

I wanna go back to Australia!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sensitive Skin

I have super/ultra/mega sensitive skin. Anything new i apply to my skin, either i get a rash or any spontaneous reaction. quickly.

Over the years, i have found some stuff that will work with my skin. I don't use moisturizer for my face and lotion for my body. Figured that since it's hot & humid here in Manila, i don't need it. Wrong! Believe me when i say i tried the high ends & low ends of skin moisturizing. It all ended up with my cousins, officemates & house help after having a bad reaction to it, or worse, the garbage.

I discovered Eucerin in the states after having skin allergy due to change of weather, i hoarded the stuff after my skin "liked" it.

As for my bath soap, i have been a loyal Dove user eversince, well before it was Ivory, but after our Uncle sent us balikbayan boxes with tons of Dove soap in it, i was hooked.

For my face, which is the most sensitive of all, i didn't use any product before, then we all grow up and wanted to try this & that, i piled on different, scratch that, all the latest beauty products. then i got pimples, blackheads and all other unsightly sightings on my otherwise ugly face. i throwed all the stuff away. i went to my derma and she helped calmed my skin using cetaphil & some acne medications.

After that i didn't use anything on my face. nada. non. nothing. zilch. except Cetaphil. my face sort of calmed down.

After months, i tried on St. Ives Apricot Scrub for exfoliating, which I had used back when i was in College. Then i bought the Olay 7 Signs, the smallest size for a trial period. After 3 days, with no pimple breakout, i continued it till now. almost a month already. Improvements? yes, my skin is now softer, no more rough & red patches. But my sun spots are still there. I guess i have to go back to my Dermatologist now.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Birthday Cake for my pamangkin & inaanak (niece & goddaughter) Athena Gabrielle, for her 2nd year. Dexter's has been around for ages. I got my 18th Birthday cake from them also, so i was happy to know that they're still going on strong. Thanks to Martha Stewart's Wedding Mag, i found their new location. Moved from Ali Mall Cubao to Blue Ridge Katipunan.

Cake was delish. not too sweet. just right. they also offer pastries, pasta etc.

Will. Come. Back. For. More...yummm


i love NCIS. period! i am crazy about this series. I have been watching it over and over again. season 1 to 6. repeatedly. as in i memorized the lines already.

My cousin, Angel, 11 years is also a fan, thanks to me!

Season Finale is getting near and i'm getting depressed just thinking about how many months i would have to wait!!

Make Sense

I have decided to make myself a Blog. LOL. I hope i make sense. well, apparently i do not. so please bear with me.

The blog name. hmm..I tried Hunniebunch but it's taken already. I know, i know it's such a childish name/title but i like it. Then i tried adding it up after remembering the song from My Girl, i think? or maybe just hearing it from my Aunt's radio station every Sunday. They play oldies song which she always sing along.

This is my blog, my online journal, i post what i feel, what i see, what my current obsession is, what am i all about, or just what i an currently doing in my life.

Forgive me for the wrong grammars, spellings, caps & all. I am just a normal person who makes mistakes.

If you don't like what you see, go find other people/blog to shower your negative energy with. I have enough on my plate as it is.

So, let's start this blog thingie, and hope you come with me as i journey through my so called life.