Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Cousins and a pamangkin
crazy dudes
these are the dayz of our livvesss...

Here's my Crazy, Loud, Weird, Naughty, Obnoxious Family...

Mom's 60th Surprise Birthday Party!!

Can you tell that we love photos?!?! that's why i thought of this as our souvenir...

A Very Wonderful Day...

Our Typical Family Day is transformed into a panic filled yet excitement day. Because this is not just an ordinary sunday. This is my Mom's Big Day. Her 60th birthday. And we planned a Surprise Party for her!

So we did what we usually do on Sundays, hear mass at our favorite church, with our second favorite priest officiating, Fr. Azer, had brunch at our "suki" for breakfast, Wan Chai Tea House.

Bought a cake for her, good thing the Resto just opened, we usually open it, the first customers for the day, as we were singing our hearts out for the Birthday Girl.

Everybody, my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, some Friends, are already bursting at the seams with excitement!!! We couldn't keep it anymore. We are all excited for this Surprise Party for the Most Wonderful Person, for us, in the Whole Wide World. hehehehe..

Meanwhile, she has absolutely NO CLUE. We told her that we had reserved a restaurant where, just us, her family would be there. Told her to dress up cause we would be doing family pictures. My Mom, who is OC when it comes to details, especially pag kainan and parties plans ahead like a week before. Then suddenly, on her 60th birthday, she doesn't have a thing to do?? A milestone with no plans, nothing to do??

She felt guilty..she ordered our cook to make Pancit & Menudo to be given away to our neighbors, friends and to her beloved employees also. She felt guilty kasi daw, konting kibot lang sa bahay namin, may handaan, meron lechon, then on that day, what with everybody greeting her on the street, walang feast??

That afternoon, around 3pm, while hanging out at her newly renovated garden, my mom found an ant hill on one of the potted plants, she called Ricky, and they destroyed, or killed the ants. with newspaper fire and all...hahaha! it was a sight.

Meanwhile, my kasabwats or accomplices are in a panic mode, some are hyperventilating, some are already dressed and fully made up already. As for me? i've been in a panic mode for weeks, and they're just feeling the pressure now...WTF?!?!

Around 5pm, i told her to take a shower 'cause she's all sweaty. In order for her not to get shocked or "surprised", i wore my dress na, she merely raised her eyebrows. I told her, memake-up an kita, she answered with a loud & firm, "hmpf" like a big NO. LOL. I called for reinforcements, we blow dried her hair, put make up on, the darn hairspray woudn't work, she was finished at around 5:30ish..

Then she walked into my room, and asked what time would we be going? I said around 6:30. huwat?? eh ung reservations, 7 pa eh. i almost had a nervous breakdown. Scattered around the room were invitations, prizes, etc. Good thing she didn't notice..

Then pandemonium broke. My family had started arriving at the venue, and they said walang tao. i was like, whaaat?? filipinos are always late!!! turns out they were early birds (haler! excited!!)

Mommy wanted to go na, then i stalled saying, i'm not done with my make up. Nagpunta sha sa balcony, nagyosi, and started calling up everybody. Calls & text flew between Valenzuela and Quezon City. She called Ricky to back up the car in the garage, she doesn't want people seeing her. Guilty talaga sha...

Finally guests started arriving, actually they were on time, 6pm, my family is just early & excited. HAHA. So we've been given the go signal to depart. All packed in the car & off we go.

Meanwhile, my darn cellphone kept ringing, asking us where we were. Every few minutes i text them. Then somewhere around Congressional Avenue, she started asking questions na. San ba nagpa-reserve si Ninang mo? Sabi ko sa isang restaurant, na may private function room na tayo lang. ahhh..ok..When we U turned and made the entrance to Gazebo..she said..Gazebo?? di ba dito ikakasal si Angie?? I told Ricky to drive fast before she saw the crowd waiting for her. She saw everyone waiting for her and said..ano ito?? ay dipuga!! hahahahahaha!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

She got teary eyed. I mean, naiyak sha talaga. Pati mga tiyahin ko na makukulit nagsipagiyakan na..she really didn't expect it. she really was surprised...

and then everybody was hugging & kissing her...

Meanwhile, naiwan ako sa car kasi naiiyak na din ako!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Panic Mode

My Mom's 60th Birthday would be this coming Sunday. Seriously, i am in panic. I think she knows. Some of it anyways. What she doesn't know was how big the surprise is. And how all of us shared in preparing the big event.

I hope she doesn't get angry. I mean, get mad at us getting around her? She always plans for these kind of this things then on her birthday nobody moves/plans?? I don't think so!!

Anyways, i hope she appreciate what we did for her. That we did this because we love her. So Much.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


diko akalain na maadik ako. hahahaha. ngayon twitter naman. pero hindi ko pa gamay...

facebook made me a couch potato even more. i am trying to stay away from my laptop. but i have to check it. always. kahit walang posts. basta lang.

sorry for the local dialect...