Sunday, May 31, 2009

Series Reruns

My TV Series have ended for the season. In the states, they show reruns. Me? i'm waiting for the DVD's to come out. the pirated ones. haha...

My friend Zenna, after years of telling me to download not buy stuff from the internet, finally taught me how to do it. Maybe she got sick of me pestering her for new episodes??? like every week?!?! harharhar

At first there were some minor glitches, i was following her directions to the letter, then the external hard drive thing, then the saving part...ahh...i just love making inis...

I didn't give up. almost did. never went to the laptop for a few days. then i was back making kulit...then she kulit me to do it. to get it right till i can download the stuff.. then i got the hang of it. Thank God! :)

I just finished downloading Criminal Minds...seriously can't sleep. scary...

I buy NCIS from itunes, so i can watch it from my iPhone.

CSI, CSI Miami, The Mentalist. She gave me copies of earlier episodes so i have no choice but to finish downloading it. kakabitin!

To Buy from my suki: CSI:NY, Cold Case, Without a Trace..

Wi Fi & TvSeries = Sleepless Nights


We're Going to Davao!

After years of planning, drawing, hee haw, and all that hullabaloo. we make it happen. Woohoo!!! Sadly not all of us cannot come.

Zenna, the twins Grace & Rose, and Me are good to go. Don't know about Jen ( she have a family now ) and Valerie can't go because she recently just got back to Dubai.

We have been "drawing" for an all girls trip to somewhere around the Philippines. We didn't plan an out of the country trip, which i wanted, because Zenna doesn't have a passport yet. (now she does! woohoo!) Everytime we meet during one of our birthdays, we plan this. We visualize, we schedule what to do. all the details are magnified. we all wanted this to happen. NOT.

Last week, Grace IM'd me, saying wanting to go to Ilocos. Grace works in Singapore and going home for a vacation this coming end of june-july. i said to her, ok let's go. hehe. then she said Zenna doesn't want to because she's already been there. Sadly i have been to also. I just said yes because that was ages ago. I also wanted to go back to Pagudpod. In Short, Ilocos was scratched and Davao was conceptualized.

IM, emails, SMS flew back and forth between Ortigas, Singapore, Valenzuela & Cavite. In a span of 2 days, we have a booking for Davao. At Cebu Pacific. OMG! i'm scared! this is my first time to fly that airline. We have always flew PAL. I hope everything's gonna be alright...i hate flying! why did i ever agree to this on the first place?! oh yeah. girl bonding moments...

Wait...can i still buy PAL tickets?? and just meet you there girls??

Banana Chips

  • I found this Bakery near SM North Edsa. We get our bread here. Recently, at my Aunt's wake, we got the ensaymada's from them. Just a little backyard operation that boomed and sold to groceries & supermarkets. I guess i have a thing for bakeries & pastries since my lolo's & lolas started working on bakeries when they were young, eventually opening one for themselves.

After ensaymadas, i bought sliced bread (tasty/pan americano), then the buns (monay LOL), then the cheese cupcakes. Little by little, i have fallen in love with the bakery, though small. Everytime, i pass i make sure to buy something. I found bread sticks & paboritas for my mom, a constant snacker since she's a diabetic.

I then discovered Banana Chips. I got addicted to it! i know i know it's not healthy, since it's fried. But it's so good!! also not too sweet, or is it?? i like the crunchiness of it. Keeps me awake at the office. Or when i'm driving and i'm sleepy. Stave off the hunger pangs.

haaayy.... ang sarap.

Bagong Pag Asa Bakery, Project 6, Quezon City.

Oh, i renamed the bakery, New Hope. bwahahaha....

p.s. it's sunday, and i have got nothing else to do...

linens & bedsheets

Two years ago i finally managed to convince my mom to change my bed mattress (what do you call it?). i want to change my bed too, but she said, narra yan, ano ka ba? betis yan no?! ( that's narra, are you crazy? ). so i decided to just make it more comfortable & beautiful. i started shopping for new linens. and pillows. and throws. until i couldn't see my bed anymore. bwahahaha!!

at first shop, i decided on color, anything pink & green was fine by me. don't care about the design as long as it has that color. on the second shopping, somehow i didn't want the multi colored designs & prints. i was drawn to the solids with just a few accent color. but i was still drawn to happy colors. yellow. green. understandable. girlie-girl. girlaloo.pinkaloosh...

of course, i discovered the meaning of thread counts, combed sateen sheets. i didn't care about that before. i just wanted clean sheets every week. after learning thread counts, i became a linen snob. of course, money & budget permitting i wanted the best (linens direct & some other expensive brand). the one i wanted was too expensive, i would hear the end of it from my mom.

last year DOP, co designed sheets with Linens Direct. I bought 1 design first, just to try it out. aaackkk! i liked it. went back to get one for my mom. the next week got another one again. and then christmas season started and sale season is upon us. of course i bought again, even from the LD line itself. then i hear the end of the world from my mom when the bill came.

i couldn't tell her, don't you love your new bedsheets?!?! somehow, the sheets look good on her bed than mine. maybe because mine's small?? her bed size is queen, mine's full. all the linens i bought are queen size except for one sale purchase.

i wanna buy a new one again, but i'm waiting for the blue/brown combination, which i think is still stuck in customs or something. i'm holding off and waiting for newer designs.

now, quilts & throws are another post. LOL

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wii and my friends

Last week, my friends went to my house to have some girl-bonding moments. catching up. having lunch for free. gossiping. way better than malling. we get to sit and chat for hours and not obligated to buy anything.

So after having a very late lunch, i showed them my Wii. we completely forgot about this the last time they were here, we were too busy catching up. and eating, bwahaha...

Val, Rose & Jeng meet Wii, Wii meet my crazy friends.

The whole afternoon was spent playing tennis, boxing and of course, hula hoops.

I got stomach ache from all the laughing that we did. Imagine doing hula hoops with an imaginary hoop. bwahahahaha!!!

Valerie wanted to bring it to Dubai, Rose can't get enough of the boxing, Jeng is our ultimate hula hoops queen.

After 2 days, they texted me, full of complains, body aches, shoulder cramps, pain in the arms.

Is it my fault that they enjoyed playing Wii??

Btw, they wanted to do it again, play Wii...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ricoh GX200

to buy or not to buy??

i wanted a dslr but i think it will be too much for me. me with the shortest attention span in the whole wide world. hehe

if only i could test drive it before buying it...

the reviews (net) were great though..

Angels & Demons

one of the best movies to come this year..

really picky when it comes to movies..when was the last time i watched??

i liked this because i liked the A&D book better than DVC book. same goes to the movie. LoL

i actually cheated and watched it first. well, my friends had "other" stuff to do, i can't wait for them. besides, i will watch it again with them. hehehe

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obsessed with Nail Polish

OPI's Chicago Get A Manicure
OPI's Flashbulb Fuschia
OPI's Cajun Shrimp

I don't really wear lipstick, or makeup, i find it itchy, or maybe i'm not just used to wearing make up. Most i do is lipgloss or dab a lipstick. I do wear make up when i'm in the mood or during special occasions. My collection is embarassing, it's just a few but boy, when i am in the mall counters, i buy them even if i don't really need it. I get easily swayed by sales talk. LOL I don't really buy that many here in manila but when i'm in the states, i hoard them like crazy, because there are so many to choose from and they got the latest & newest stocks at the counters.

Now this is where Nail Polish comes, since i don't really wear that much color in my face, i compensate for it with brightest most colorful nail polish i could find. Last year i hoarded Essie & OPI like i was opening a nail salon. LOL. i lurk on blogs and find the latest & upcoming polishes, take note of it, then when the time comes, if ever we go abroad, you would find me at ULTA or Trade Secret.

p.s. please forgive the chubby hands..