Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Gadget

CRAP! i have been waiting so long for this and now i'm p****d. or maybe i'm just too impatient. i promise to read the manuals tomorrow.

But i am loving the macro shots...the flash is cute too..like in those huge DSLR's that pops up. hehehe

and of course, i am loving the body..it's like a baby SLR..also the color..in black!

Gotta buy the wide conversion lens..where to buy, though??

i hafta learn all of these before our trip to davao in about ten days!! waaahh!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Davao Trip Essentials

So....my friends and i are going to Davao next month, and it got me thinking, what kind/type of luggage will i bring?? do i bring a mini trolley(what do you call it)? the one used for check in luggages? My friend says NO. we will travel by land & SEA so she said to make sure that i don't have a hard time. since we're all girls. No boyfriends on this trip so no one to carry those heavy bags. =)

Overnight CarryAll: maybe this would be a good idea. but since i have to sling on ONE shoulder or maybe use one hand to carry it..naaahh... Okay, i will bring one that folds up small, so i can fill it with pasalubong going back...Suha & Durian, anyone?? ahaha...

BackPack: i don't want to look like those backpackers. hahaha..but i think this would be the ideal one. both of my hands would be free. i have no stuff to drop & toss on the floor and totally forget about it. so we have a winner. only problem is... i don't have a decent backpack. my back pack is a quilted chanel i got from Tresorie years ago. could barely fit a shirt in there, what more of a snorkeling gear?? so today...i hunt for the "back pack"...

Longchamp: I have washed my battered & dirty Longchamp, time to retire the designer goodies, rainy season na, better be careful of those vachettas. Also perfect for travel because of it's light weight & perfect size. Hope I win Mrs.T's contest and win that Herve Chapelier sac! wooot!!

Ricoh GX200: being on flickr makes me appreciate photos, colors, nature and just about everything God has given us, more. I thought about getting a DSLR but that would be too much for me, me with the shortest attention span in the whole wide world. So thanks to my flickr friends, i have found the perfect camera, for now. It works & functions like a DSLR, but has a body of a compact point & shoot camera. woohoo! can't wait to test drive in Davao!

Snorkeling Gear: ok i am afraid of SCUBA diving. even snorkeling!!! but i have to learn to love this or else i will miss out BIG TIME!!! will look for a decent set at the mall today...

OK..so far that's my checklist...will add more soon...any suggestions??

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Two years ago, i fell into the trap that is the "it bag" phenomenon. I bought bags left and right, until i was buried in debt. haha!

Anyways, i paid it all up.

Now, i have to resell some of them, so i can pay some of my bills, debts and upcoming expenses this month. Salary doesn't really cover it much. Yes i already made some "sidelines" but i vowed to be debt free this year. After reselling 2 of my bags, i found myself lighter in debt. Yes kakahinayang. Lugi and all that stuff. But i am so glad to be free from some of my debts. I know I shouldn't have bought those bags in the first place. But it made me happy for a while and then got me thinking, do i really need this? Yes it brings instant gratification. Anybody sees you with a logo-ed bag thinks your super rich. What they don't know is you have lots of utangs, (debts) hahaha.

So i will resell maybe 2 or 3 to pay for:
1.) some of my bills
2.) pay an upcoming Davao trip with my friends
3.) to share the expense on my mom's 60th Bday. (hating magkapatid & magpinsan)
All of this happening on July. So imagine me scampering for money! I wish money grew on trees!! LOL

Some of them might say, why don't you just ask your mom for some money?? well this is my fault so i want to be the one to clean it up. Maybe i will if i can't take it anymore. But as long as i can find the ways, i'll clean my own mess up.

this has gotten me some perspective in life. sure sure a logo-ed bag says you have arrived. but before, i really don't care for this "it bag". my mom has instilled me over and over again to be simple, god fearing & humble. in the local dialect, i think, nagsawa na ako.

i just enjoy my current bags and do not buy anymore, i just satisfy my cravings by reading magazines, going to the websites, reading it on blogs. yeah slobber all over. ROFL

Oh, and more thing, maybe i should go back to my one & only, first love, jewelry. this is what i love before. i would go crazy over them. but that's another post. hehe

craving for pizza

After a long hot & sunny day, the weather seems to take pity on us and gave us a slight drizzle...now it's raining!!!

i want a pizza! BADLY! am craving for it so right now. cheese, pepperoni, veggies. agh!!!!