Thursday, June 10, 2010

Social Networking

Facebook. Twitter. Flickr. Blogspot.

I have only four accounts yet i can't update it all. So I'm gonna delete my friendster account. I'm gonna hold on to this account although i love talking/blogging on my flickr. Uploading photos to blogspot is kinda hard. Or I'm just technically challenged?! LOLOLOL

So...toodles for now as Imma check my other networks..

Just a reminder: Internet is forever. Whatever you put out there, stays there forever and ever.

can i say, yikes?!



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Batman series


My DVD "supplier" gave me new releases last Sunday after our brunch. She gave me these DVD which are sooooo clear. Like HD. or maybe it's blu ray?? Minimum of 4 discs per pack. So I got to choose between Pixar's set & Batman series. So my little baby cousin, chose Batman over the toons!!! I'm on a Batman marathon...

I'll get back to that Pixar set...may be that Alien set too...

Ok back to the movie & my hook...



Sunday, March 14, 2010


Waiting to go out this weekend.

Watched Movie: Green Zone, Matt Damon is yummy! hahaha! Love those baby blues...

Tour of the Bookstores: I went around my suki. NBS, FB, PB. Of course, I bought books & magazines to add to my already piling up of books to read. Aghhhh... I have to catch up fast. Or they'll pile up again.

Sunday: Church then brunch at Pancake House. Went home to watch the Pacquiao fight. But instead fell asleep. Boring fight. Then got hungry, cooked pasta & chicken pesto. Then some cold soda. Yummmmyy!!! I miss soda/pop! After resting & getting some cool from the A/C, I let the dogs out. Woof! Woof!

So after playing with them, feeding the fish, and cleaning up, cooled off at my room.

Ready to fall asleep. Then they called me to dinner. Ahhh too full so I passed, now after 3 hours, I'm hungry. Darn. I want to eat but it's too late already. I think I'll just drink water and sleep it off.




Monday, March 8, 2010

Irish Roses

After receiving my PDF file from Sarah London, I immediately went crocheting. There's this cute flowers she calls Irish Roses. I made one for my cousin, made it into a headband. Guess what, she loved it. Then her sisters saw it. Now they want it too. So I've been busy crocheting like there's no tomorrow. Hahahaha!

I haven't posted my photos from our recent Davao trip. Such a slacker.

And also the scrapbook from my Davao trip LAST year with my friends.

What the heck is wrong with me?! Tamaditis!!!!!

Ok fine, getting the USB cable...meanwhile..while waiting for the photos to upload..I'll crocheting more Irish Roses.



Friday, February 26, 2010

Back in Manila!

So...back in business folks!

Just got home and I'm so tired I don't know what I want..sleep or eat.

I did neither. I watched my Bones DVD. Lounge a little then early dinner.

Lots of blogs to catch up. My eyes are getting watery. Have to rest early. Back to work early tomorrow. Yikes. I'd bring my crochet materials. heeheehee....

Sweet Dreams everyone! Mwah!

Promise to post my Davao photos this week. Or maybe next week! Such a slacker...




Friday, February 19, 2010

Going Back to Davao

I knew I was going back to Davao one day...

My 12 year old cousin qualified for the National Writing Press Conference. Or something like that.

How will I improve as a blogger if my previous trip from Davao isn't finished yet?? Such a loser!!!

I have tons of drafts waiting to be written..but I'm so slow & lazy these past few weeks so please forgive me. Eeeks! Life & work got in the way...

Anyways, so I'm going with my Aunt Lucy, on this trip. Moral support much? LOL

Angel, my cousin, in her own words, still couldn't believe that she's going to Davao. To join a writing contest. This is actually my fault. I started giving her books at a young age. Just like what my Lola/Granny did to me. Except I didn't become a writer. Just an avid reader. Of Romance & Thriller books...hahahahardeeharhar..

We're going to Tagum City, about 2 hours from Davao City, I wonder what will it look like there. Very Rural? or typical province like any other cities in the Philippines?

There's no beach anywhere, so I'm packing my books & crochet materials. OMG! Such an old hag!!! hardeeharhar!!! There's no denying it..Going that way anyways.... :(( wow it rhymed! hahaha

Maybe if I could convince my Mom to buy an acre or an hectare of land there. Maybe build a rest house or something. Just to get away from the city. Not driving there but flying and going away from busy Metro Manila. Oh wells..just wishful thinking..

I'm currently packing my stuff, loading up my iPhone & iPod for the 2 hour flight. Hope I don't forget something.

Ok. I'm off to walk the dogs. Gonna miss the little monsters. 6 days!!

See you when I see you!



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Busy Bee

I am cleaning my room. Period.

Just the vacuum & dusting part.

I have yet to figure out how/where/what to do with my old/dated clothes. My stuffed toys, which are packed to be given to the Orphanage. My old magazines, can't bear to throw my InStyle's away. It's like gonna be looking at a time warp in about 10 years.

On top of that, I am also building (eekss!) accumulating stuff for my crafts room.

My cousin gave me this idea to sell artsy/cutesy/crafty stuff online. Just local clients of course. Shipping would be a killer. So I'll try to figure that out later.

Funny thing is, WHAT am I going to sell? HAHAHAHAHAHA

Well, there's the crochet part, the cards & stationary etc, scrapbook pages & all that crap. Bwahahaha

So yeah, I'm going crazy just thinking about it.

Maybe Wishful Thinking.

Oh, and also, I have a day job.


Ok, Back to work!