Thursday, August 27, 2009

SM Prestige Lounge

At last! A place to hang out in the Mall, where you're not forced to buy an expensive drink just to hang out. Hah!

As you know, Filipinos love their Malls, and I'm one of them!! LOL

So thanks to Henry Sy, for thinking about the customers. Keep them coming!

The sensor thingie in the parking lot is cool too, ok, ok, call me a probinsyana, but even my cousins from the states thought the thing was way cool. hihihi

Pho Hoa

I love noodles! who doesn't?? I mean, we're Asian, for pete's sake. We live for noodles, (same goes for rice). Be it Pancit Canton, Beef Mami, Sotanghon, Hofan, Bihon, I could go on...Add to that, my Great Grandfather is a great cook and a chinese.

If someone celebrates their Birthdays, Noodles is always present, it represents long life.

Manila has 2 weathers, hot & scorching hot. A few rain to make us all sick every now & then.

A bowl of hot soup is what you crave when the weather is cold, biting cold. (this is just me, i think). But not on a 35 degree weather like Manila.

My cousin Karla & I, are noodle lovers, we love Pho Hoa's Pho Bo (Beef Noodles), it has thin slices of beef tenderloin, tendons & meatballs and the best egg noodles. Add fresh beansprouts, basil & cilantro. Yummy! I'm salivating right now. HAHA. We just gotta have that sip of hot soup to take away the wear & tear of life.

We use to eat there, twice a week!! Especially during December & July months, we're the weather is changing from hot to cold. Now that she has classes, our visits were down to thrice a month.

The other day, we ate our Lunch there, i just stopped myself from telling the waitress, i think she knows our faces by now, "The Usual Order", which is, Pho Bo noodles, Fried Chili Squid or Chicken Drumettes, or both when we're hungry, and rice.

Ahhh....Just gotta have some soup!! Yummmmyyy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's in my Bag??

Everyday, i carry my house. I feel incomplete, naked, exposed if i don't have a purse or a bag with me. I guess it stemmed from my mom saying, don't go to the war without a bullet. Sure sure you are ready with everything, but still you have a gun but you don't have a bullet. I remember that day clearly, i left the house in a hurry, we're going to the church, so i figured i don't need money since she's coming with us already (my bank, hehehe), left everything at home. Then nanghingi ako pera, then she found out that i don't have any with me.

Can you imagine the sermon that followed?? Yada yada yada. But it stuck with me. I never leave the house now, without a change or small bill and an ID/license, with me.

I was also a Girl Scout for a year or two i think, and you know the Motto. Always be prepared/Laging Handa. All that crap. hahaha.

So here's what inside my bag.

Pochette or Pouch as my Emergency Kit/Kikay Kit. - This is where i put my extra Napkins, Pantyliners, Wet Ones, also some small loose stuff like Purse hook, Lip balms, Lipstick, Moisturizer, Comb, Purse perfume, Comb, Nail file, Potty spray, Pepper spray, loose clips & clamps, Medicines, Rosary, Mirror, Compact, Swiss Knife.

Smaller Pochette - I used it as my camera case now

Notepad, Tissue, Wallet, Ipod, Iphone, Coin Purse, Nintendo DS & Mints.

Pocket of the bag: Rosary, Claritin, Ballpen, Lipgloss & Clips.

Believe me it fits in my bag, the kikay kit is rarely used but a lifesaver when the need arises.

I usually leave the Nintendo & Make Up stuff in the car when i'm just gonna grab something for a short while.

At the end of they day, i feel secure, yet my back aches. Compromise & Sacrifice.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sleep evades me

Maybe i ate too much?? Well, now...hehehe

Maybe i was stuck in the office all day...

Maybe because we ate Dinner at a late time?? My Mom & I sat at about 8pm. We usually eat dinner around 6:30ish.

Maybe that Crunch Crisp chocolate has got to do with this!!! Sabi ko na eh! That's why i can't sleep for the last few days. Hmpf. Buti na lang ubos na. I ate the last two miniature after dinner. HAHA

What can i do?? I am a Chocoholic...

I Promise to do more posts! I promise!!



Saturday, August 1, 2009


I rarely get sick. As in the trangkaso kind, with the muscles aching, scratchy throat, high fever, runny nose, coughing my lungs out. As i have observed, it happens to me twice a year. When the weather changes from hot to cold. At first, i fought it off as much as my body can handle. I ordered my WBC's/soldiers to fight! fight! fight! the effing virus. But eventually my body caves.

My Sick months are usually July & December.

July. I get stressed out during my Mom's birthday, and mine too. Then the change of weather from super hot summer to raining cats & dogs. So eventually, my body just can't take all that abuse. Usually right after my birthday, the fever starts. Add to that the depression that comes after adding another year in my life!!

December. All that stress from shopping!! hahaha...Change of weather again, of course. Those Siberian winds just makes our night uber cool & comfy. But for me, sneezing is the order of the day.

Also, after taking the allergy meds, claritin, on a daily basis, my sneezing & scratching have mellowed down. Don't really know what i am allergic to. I just know that since taking it everyday, my sneezing in the mornings & evenings have lessened. Also the scratching & itchiness too! Maybe because i rarely use lotion, and the AC just sucks the air dry.

So after hybernating for 3 days in our house, a cocktail of Neozep, Biogesic, Dolfenal & Claritin, 3 books, sore eyes from surfing the net, my new BFF's Vicks VapoRub & Inhaler, I am now back in business.

I wanna go out tomorrow!! Trinoma maybe??