Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Blessed New Year 2010!!!

I'm saying goodbye to 2009, it has been a roller coaster ride this year.

I've lost a loved one, my Dear Aunt.

I've conquered my fear, rode a zipline in Davao.

Almost paid my credit card bills, about 80% done!!! woohoo!!

Sad but I gained some weight. I promise to tackle this problem in 2010!

Celebrated my 31st Birthday.

Surprised my Mom on her 60th birthday with a wonderful party.

I've said "I Love You" to all my love ones last christmas.

Started a blog as my journal. I promise to write more.

Got addicted to crocheting the last quarter of the year.

I promise to take care of my dogs as I have done this year.

Next post is my goals for 2010, I don't do resolutions because I can't do mostly, so I have to set goals. So I could keep it...

Thanks & Goodnight!!

Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Christmas!!!

A Blessed & Merry Christmas to Everyone.

May you find the true meaning of Christmas, in your families, friends & the people that surrounds you.

May your heart burst with Love, Peace & Joy.

Have a Happy Christmas!!!



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Love Actually

is all around.

I'm watching it for the one thousandth time. Next is..The Holiday.

Somehow, I don't quite feel it. Christmas, I mean. Maybe I should slow down. Or watch movies & listen to christmas songs.. This is not right..not normal, I am the queen of Christmas, but why do i feel this way? Kinda sad. Pre-Christmas Blues??

Anyways, back to the movie, Rodrigo Santoro is yummy! He is gorgeous!!

Lord, can i have someone like him as a Christmas pressie?? hehehe

Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


One of the coolest gadgets ever!! I bought one and i have been using it religiously. HAHA...

It is a very cool gift to give & even greater to receive this awesome "video" cam. Hwehwehwe...

Definitely useful when recording our family events, and some random recording for information purposes too.

It is small and very handy. You have to download the software so you can properly store your video. Oh also alongside this, you better have an external hard drive because this can surely take up space in your computer's memory.

Gotta go erase some files so I can start shooting some random stuff tomorrow..



Finito...or not

I am finished!! wohoooo!! Done & done on wrapping gifts for my family to be given on Christmas Eve. I hope I didn't forget anyone! I hate that, then you have to rush and buy something for her/him...ack!

OH..I AM NOT FINISHED! I haven't got a gift for my Mom yet. The most difficult person to give to. Ayayayay! I don't know what to give to her this year? Perfume? Bag/Purse? Watch? Laptop? Camera?


Anyways, since I'm halfway done with my "to do this holiday" list, I have yet to find time to finish it.

Here are the remaining stuff to do:

1.) Get my watch from the repair shop in Greenhills. Why does it have to be there?!?! Traffic.....

2.) Look for Menu/Dish to be cooked for our New Year's Eve.

3.) Activity for New Year's Eve.

4.) Bake some cake or cookies to be given to friends & family friends.

5.) Check the list twice!!!

Alright, better get some stuff to do or else I'll be caught up in the rush!!

Happy Holidays!



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moving slowly...

I am moving oh so slowly but the days goes by so fast!! It's Wednesday already!! Aggghhhh!!

I managed to do some stuff:

1.) I pulled rank and told our helper to put up the lantern. Upstairs, done. Lanai/Porch, not good.

2.) Wrap some more gifts. I managed to squeeze out more gifts from my treasure chest. LOL

3.) Worked some paperworks at the office.

4.) The lists of gifts shrinks day to day.

5.) Finished a garland for our chapel, from granny scraps & christmas balls. Will put it up on friday.

We were late today at our weekly Novena, arrived and the priest was halfway on his sermon. He said, don't be caught up in all the rush. Find the true meaning of christmas. Be happy and not haggard & tired. We tend to forget what this season truly means. Finding Jesus in our hearts.

I promise to finish everything tomorrow. Well if not, most of it anyway. So by next week, all I'll ever do is bake, bake, bake cookies & cake for my family & friends!!!

Happy Holidays!!!



Friday, December 4, 2009

Too Fast

Christmas is just around the corner. This month will pass us by too fast. We even tend to forget what it really means, because we were too busy shopping.

Here is a list of things i have to do; I will post it so I will never ever forget! AGHH!!

1.) Get help & finish outdoor christmas decorations. I just finished our tree & placed some accents inside the house.

2.) Gotta stop crocheting!! It takes up valuable time!! I tend to do nothing.

3.) Wrap gifts so i could see who's missing in the list.

4.) More gift shopping!!

5.) Bake. To giveaway to families & friends.

6.) Email family abroad.

7.) Attend Simbang Gabi