Friday, February 19, 2010

Going Back to Davao

I knew I was going back to Davao one day...

My 12 year old cousin qualified for the National Writing Press Conference. Or something like that.

How will I improve as a blogger if my previous trip from Davao isn't finished yet?? Such a loser!!!

I have tons of drafts waiting to be written..but I'm so slow & lazy these past few weeks so please forgive me. Eeeks! Life & work got in the way...

Anyways, so I'm going with my Aunt Lucy, on this trip. Moral support much? LOL

Angel, my cousin, in her own words, still couldn't believe that she's going to Davao. To join a writing contest. This is actually my fault. I started giving her books at a young age. Just like what my Lola/Granny did to me. Except I didn't become a writer. Just an avid reader. Of Romance & Thriller books...hahahahardeeharhar..

We're going to Tagum City, about 2 hours from Davao City, I wonder what will it look like there. Very Rural? or typical province like any other cities in the Philippines?

There's no beach anywhere, so I'm packing my books & crochet materials. OMG! Such an old hag!!! hardeeharhar!!! There's no denying it..Going that way anyways.... :(( wow it rhymed! hahaha

Maybe if I could convince my Mom to buy an acre or an hectare of land there. Maybe build a rest house or something. Just to get away from the city. Not driving there but flying and going away from busy Metro Manila. Oh wells..just wishful thinking..

I'm currently packing my stuff, loading up my iPhone & iPod for the 2 hour flight. Hope I don't forget something.

Ok. I'm off to walk the dogs. Gonna miss the little monsters. 6 days!!

See you when I see you!



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