Sunday, March 14, 2010


Waiting to go out this weekend.

Watched Movie: Green Zone, Matt Damon is yummy! hahaha! Love those baby blues...

Tour of the Bookstores: I went around my suki. NBS, FB, PB. Of course, I bought books & magazines to add to my already piling up of books to read. Aghhhh... I have to catch up fast. Or they'll pile up again.

Sunday: Church then brunch at Pancake House. Went home to watch the Pacquiao fight. But instead fell asleep. Boring fight. Then got hungry, cooked pasta & chicken pesto. Then some cold soda. Yummmmyy!!! I miss soda/pop! After resting & getting some cool from the A/C, I let the dogs out. Woof! Woof!

So after playing with them, feeding the fish, and cleaning up, cooled off at my room.

Ready to fall asleep. Then they called me to dinner. Ahhh too full so I passed, now after 3 hours, I'm hungry. Darn. I want to eat but it's too late already. I think I'll just drink water and sleep it off.




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